Cleaning Vacuum Robot Dirt Devil M613 Tracker / Σκούπα Ρομπότ (4012467940375)

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Dirt Devil M613 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Helps you keep your house clean while you can relax

  • PROGRAMMES – BATTERY LIFE: Comprehensive cleaning with 3-step cleaning programme and up to 45 minutes battery runtime – Rechargeable battery (Ni-MH, 800 mAh)
  • SENSORSDetects stairs and abysses thanks to its 3 fall sensors
  • DEEP CLEAININGBoth side brushes reach every corner
  • QUIET – CAPACITYDust container: ca. 240 ml
  • CLEANS EVERYWHEREThanks to its flat design (5.5 cm) it cleans also under furniture
  • FLOOR TYPESCleans hard floors and short piled rugs and carpets
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222.00 με ΦΠΑ



Report on the Dirt Devil Spider M613

The Tracker M613 by Dirt Devil is the latest device from the manufacturer. What is new and how well he does in our test, he learns in the following.

carpeted floors

For carpets, the Dirt Devil Tracker M613 is as good as the Spider 2.0 M612. Short-pile carpets are well sanitized by the robotic vacuum cleaner. From mittelflorigen carpets, the device is no longer usable.

hard floors:

For hard floors, we noticed no difference to the Spider 2.0. The suction power is good. Animal hair and crumbs are no problem for this vacuum robot.


Also with the navigation there is no difference compared to the Spider 2.0. The same three modes are available which are changed every 3 minutes until the battery is empty. The battery life is very poor on the tracker M613 from Dirt Devil. The vacuum robot only lasts for 45 minutes.

Suitable for…

  • Only for hard floors
  • animal lovers
  • short pile carpets

Not suitable for…

  • medium-pile carpets
  • allergic person
  • Apartments over 60 m2
  • Overcome doorsteps


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Cleaning Vacuum Robot Dirt Devil M613 Tracker / Σκούπα Ρομπότ (4012467940375)

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