Vacuum Cleaner Kärcher FP 303 / Ηλεκτρική Σκούπα (4039784195769)

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Kärcher FP 303

              • POWERFULL: 600 Watt suction power
              • ENOUGHT SPACE: High-quality textile bag, includes separate accessory compartment
              • FOR ALL FLOOR TYPES:Flat triangular polishing head
              • EASY TO USE: Ergonomic handle
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              250.00 με ΦΠΑ




              Kärcher Saugbohner FP 303

              The family Karcher is now considered the world’s leading supplier of efficient, resource-saving cleaning systems. Kärcher makes the difference through excellence, innovation and quality.

              Kärcher Saugbohner FP 303

              To a beautiful home are cleaned floors. What used to be a complicated process with many manual operations, now decorated pleasantly easy thanks to modern equipment. The floor polisher FP 303 makes with its high speed of rotation for perfect polishing results on hard floors such as parquet, laminate, stone, cork, linoleum or PVC.

              • Polishing pads, 3 pieces
              • Filter bags, paper
              • cable rewind
              • Textile bags incl. Accessory compartment

              Features and Benefits

              High-quality textile bag incl. Separate accessory compartment

              For space-saving storage of the supplied polishing.

              Ergonomic handle

              For comfortable and fatigue-free working.

              Cord storage directly on the stem

              For a simple and neat stowage of the cable to the two cable hooks.

              transport wheels

              The smooth-running wheels, the polisher can be transported without much effort.

              Flat triangular shaped polishing head

              For easy polishing in corners and under furniture.

              pivoting handle

              Switching on and off of the device without bending over.


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              Vacuum Cleaner Kärcher FP 303 / Ηλεκτρική Σκούπα (4039784195769)